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Stages Learning Materials increases equitable access to quality autism education during the critical early intervention window, greatly improving a child’s chances for later success.

Mission Statement

Help Every Child Thrive

Vision Statement

Create products to provide equitable and accessible learning opportunities to all students, regardless of developmental and economic circumstances.


  • Find the right thing to do, and do better
  • Above all, start from a place of compassion
  • Always look forward
  • Relationships matter
  • Take smart risks
  • Own the issue
  • Challenge ‘what has always been done’
  • There is strength in diversity
  • Embrace failure, learn, do better, repeat


We believe that teachers empowered with organized, quality resources and teaching materials will be better equipped to personalize instruction to individual student needs.

We believe that a well designed curriculum should be intuitive, so teachers spend less time on organization and routine tasks, and more time interacting with students.

Stages Learning Materials values student learning and development first. A commitment to equity and access guides our product development, our business model, and our customer service. We will persist in finding a way for every parent and every educator to secure the tools they need to provide their students with the best possible education.

Comprehensive Structured Learning Plan

Language Builder: Academic Readiness Intervention System (ARIS)
Early Autism Curriculum

The goal of the ARIS curriculum is to make sure teachers have 100% of the hands-on materials, detailed lesson plans, and program management tools they need to carry out a complete and structured learning plan for their elementary-age students with autism.

With all of these materials conveniently assembled in place, you have the most organized and easy-to-implement classroom kit available for learners with autism, language delay and cognitive impairment.

Spend less time planning lessons and searching for materials, and more time teaching!

What Makes Our Autism Curriculum Different?

ARIS is a comprehensive, full early autism curriculum.

Everything you need is in one complete kit.

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