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STAR Institute | Sensory Health and Wellness for the People

STAR Institute for Sensory Processing is the world leader in research, education, and therapy for differences in sensory processing. Families, individuals, professionals, and more come from all over the world to receive support and education from the STAR team.

Founded over 40 years ago by Dr. Lucy J. MIller, STAR Institute is a pioneer and luminary non-profit in the sensory integration process speciality. STAR Institute has transformed the lives and careers of occupational therapists, allied health professionals, mental health providers, medics, interdisciplinary researchers, teachers, caregivers, and clients of all ages.

Comprehensive and Highly Individualized Therapy Services

At STAR, they are dedicated to providing comprehensive and highly individualized therapy services that prioritize the well-being and development of every client and their family. Their approach is grounded in evidence-based practices and a profound understanding and acceptance of sensory differences. What truly distinguishes them from other therapy centers is their commitment to personalized care and unwavering family support. 

Therapy services that highlights their distinctive approach: 

  • Specialized and Highly Trained Clinician

  • Family-Centered Care with Active Parent Involvement

  • Enhanced Understanding

  • Personalized Reports and Documentation

  • Collaborative Goal Setting

  • Evidence-Based Practice

  • Tailored Therapy Programs

  • Flexibility and Responsiveness

  • Trauma-Informed and Neurodiversity Affirming

What Makes STAR Institute Unique

Cutting Edge Education
Their in-house clinical experts and research faculty train clinicians from all over the world through conferences, mentorships, and workshops.

Intensive Therapy Model
They use an intensive “burst” treatment (three to five times a week) that is more effective in treating sensory issues.

Parent Empowerment
Parent-focused education and coaching helps families move treatment into the natural settings such as home and school.

Individualized and Customized
All treatment programs are different. Treatment is customized to your child’s strengths and needs.

STAR Institute is the premiere research center for sensory processing disorder. The research performed here drives an evidence base for intervention worldwide.

Global Reach
They treat families from around the world seeing clients from over 38 countries and 49 states.

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