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The Language and Behavior Center

Developmental Support for Children & Families

The Language and Behavior Center is comprised of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Speech-Language Pathologists, Registered Behavior Technicians, and Occupational Therapists trained to ensure your family has all of the tools to support your child’s development.

Their team stays up-to-date on developmentally appropriate practices, anti-ableist approaches, and culturally-sensitive care. They are committed to offering the highest-quality services through comprehensive care approach!

About the Founders, Rebecca & Dominika…

Rebecca Correll and Dominika Sillery met in graduate school in Washington, D.C. They shared a passion for Applied Behavior Analysis and providing comprehensive services to families in the D.C. area.

Rebecca and Dominika founded The Language and Behavior Center in 2017 with the mission of providing exceptional services to clients while also fostering a unique company culture that is supportive of employees and encourages continuous growth and development. Focusing on living-wages, unmatched benefits, and a positive work environment resulted in the current team of highly-trained and motivated professionals that make up The Language and Behavior Center today.

With their own families and children, Dominika and Rebecca truly understand what it means to want the best for your child and are committed to providing that to every family they work with.

They Believe in ‘Learning Through Play’ Approach

The Language and Behavior Center believes that a child’s natural environment is the best place for them to learn. Their clinicians follow your child’s lead and incorporate learning opportunities into their play. By using naturally occurring opportunities for skill development, clinicians are able to facilitate skill development in an enjoyable way!

TLBC’s evidence-based treatment is built on a foundation of parent involvement. From the start of services, parents are trained on techniques that will allow their child to flourish outside of a therapy setting. 

Comprehensive Support for Your Family

The Language and Behavior Center emphasizes a personalized approach to its services, catering to individual needs. Their offerings include Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, expert guidance in play, parent consultation, potty training, sleep, and IEP consultation. Operating across several states including Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, they aim to support individuals in various aspects of communication, behavior, and social skills development. The center’s comprehensive approach underscores its commitment to addressing diverse needs within its service areas.

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