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The Rad Lab aligns with numerous specialists and connects them to our collaborative projects. Our primary focus is to create high quality programs that enhance the lives of neurodiverse individuals and their loved ones.

Inclusive Community For The Neurodiverse Individuals



If we intentionally create work environments that are designed to include neurodiverse individuals, while providing support to job seekers, more people with developmental differences will be employed.


The Farmer Danny Show

Danny has inspired a number petting farms in Southern California to hire neurodiverse individuals. He now hosts a YouTube show called, The Farmer Danny Show, and shines a light on people and places who elevate others and make the world more inclusive and accepting.


The Career Academy

When funding became available from the Strong Workforce Program (AB 1602), specific language was inserted to address the need for increasing supports for students attending Community Colleges who had ASD. We collaborated with local colleges and agencies and designed this innovative program.

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NeuroTalent Works

NeuroTalent Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to transitioning gifted individuals on the autism spectrum into valuable talent for corporations 



If we create more inclusive and affordable housing solutions, neurodiverse adults and neuro-typical adults will benefit from living side-by-side and celebrating differences.


Cornerstone Housing for Neurodiverse Adults

A non-profit organization that is developing a new standard for inclusive, independent living in Los Angeles. We make an inspired statement about the unique value of every person.  Our current development, The Village, is coming soon.



What happens when children with developmental disabilities grow up? Judith Creed Horizons for Achieving Independence (JCHAI) is a multi-faceted organization with cutting-edge inclusive, supportive vocational programs and living options that serves over 150 people throughout the community.


City of Los Angeles Housing Collaboration

Under the Lanterman Act, section 4501: “The State of California accepts a responsibility for persons with developmental disabilities and an obligation to them which it must discharge. Affecting hundreds of thousands of children and adults directly…

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If we bring together and support neurodiverse individuals and facilitate interactions, meaningful community connections are formed.


Education Spectrum

We’ve pioneered a unique blend of community-based programs to foster individuals’ social, emotional, behavioral, communicative, and learning potential by implementing research-based intervention techniques. At the core of who we are, is a team of dedicated professionals that will help you unravel the mysteries surrounding ASD in an environment of respect, compassion and understanding.


Apex Social Group

Empowering families through skilled live-in childcare and social exchange for families with special needs since 2008. Apex works closely with each family through a highly personalized and innovative placement process, understanding their unique needs to find just the right support to help them thrive.


Often times, parents need help, support, and solutions when their children reach adulthood. There is a tremendous range of emotions parents face while trying to find and navigate supports and services. In addition, parents are becoming fully aware that they will not always be able to look after their children’s needs. At ETTA, we want to assure you that there are resources out there for families. There are solutions to assist in achieving the most fulfilling adult life for these children. In fact, ETTA provides many of these services. ETTA’s new service, Transitions, will assist families learn about these services, access them, know what steps to take, and offer professional guidance. 


GTX Smart Soles

The latest in wearable technologies, GTX products assist families who have loved ones who wander.  Having experienced the terror of my loved ones who are non-verbal and wander, this is an effective solution.

What happens when children with developmental disabilities grow up?  Judith Creed Horizons for Achieving Independence (JChai) is a multi-faceted organization with cutting-edge inclusive, supportive vocational programs and living options that serves over 150 people throughout the community.  



If families and self-advocates are provided opportunities for person-centered practices, more will be served with freedom, authority, support, confirmation and responsibility.


Transitioning to Self-Determination
Education Spectrum was awarded a grant to assist families to transition successfully to this revolutionary, person-centered program. The California SDP program became available to all qualified families in July 2021. 


Path Forward Facilitation 

Path Forward Facilitation guides families through the person-centered planning process who are transitioning from traditional services in the Regional Center system to the Self-Determination Program. Families and participants are provided Independent Facilitation and ushered through the entire transition process.


The CA Self Determination Network

The SDP Network is a tool that connects self-determining individuals and families with Independent Facilitators and other service providers. Participants and families can search for traditional and non-traditional services in their area on this new platform that is universally designed and speaks more than 200 languages. Thanks to Public Partnerships (PPL), the largest Financial Management Service (FMS) in the United States, and the Local Volunteer Advisory Committee at the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center, Education Spectrum was able to launch this website for Californian’s.



If we mobilize to influence legislation and inspire our leaders to be champions for our cause, public policy will change over time.


Los Angeles County Commissioner Work

Cathy Gott has had the privilege of serving on the Los Angeles County Commission on Disabilities – appointed by Supervisor Kathryn Barger to represent 5th District, Los Angeles County’s largest district. Every month, we invite the public to join us, comment, and share their concerns. Our job is to share information, listen, offer guidance, and report to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.


Co-Chair, Policies on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Ad-Hoc Committee

Cathy is also Co-chair of the Policies on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Ad-Hoc Committee, is focused on Housing and Employment.

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