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The Rad Lab | Helping Bring Your Vision Into Reality

The Rad Lab aligns with numerous specialists and connects them to their collaborative projects. Their primary focus is to create high-quality programs that enhance the lives of neurodiverse individuals and their loved ones.

The Leader of Rad Lab, Cathy Gott

Cathy Gott, MPA, serves as the President and aligns herself with specialists in various fields to actualize visions through teamwork. With a background in social services since 1984, Cathy’s journey took a pivotal turn when her son Danny was diagnosed with autism in 1993. Motivated by the lack of support, she co-founded Education Spectrum in 1996, offering social skills programs for children with autism. This endeavor not only helped others but also provided healing for Cathy’s family.

Inclusive Community For The Neurodiverse Individuals

They aim to create work environments that are designed to include neurodiverse individuals while providing support to job seekers, more people with developmental differences will be employed.

They want to create more inclusive and affordable housing solutions, neurodiverse adults and neuro-typical adults will benefit from living side-by-side and celebrating differences.

They want to bring together and support neurodiverse individuals and facilitate interactions, and meaningful community connections are formed.

They want families and self-advocates to be provided with opportunities for person-centered practices, more will be served with freedom, authority, support, confirmation, and responsibility.

They want to mobilize to influence legislation and inspire the leaders to be champions for their cause, public policy will change over time.

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