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THERAplay LA | Helping Your Child Become the Best Version of Themselves

We look at both the big picture and the small details to uncover the root cause of what’s holding your child back from success in their daily life.

Not sure if you’re in the right place? Here are some common reasons parents seek our services…

  • Motor skills are delayed making it hard to keep up with peers on the playground or complete handwriting assignments 
  • Ongoing concerns with eating or speaking, including those related to tongue-tie, tongue thrust, or articulation challenges
  • Sensory concerns related to dysregulation, meltdowns, or difficulty focusing
  • Feeding issues, including, but not limited to, swallowing, picky eating, or difficult mealtimes
  • Reached a plateau with other therapeutic treatments and there seems to be more going on

The Marielly Method

With Dr. Marielly and her Los Angeles team, you get a partner dedicated to the success of your child and family. We look at your child as a whole, honoring their amazingness and seeing potential in areas that feel hard.

Dr. Marielly and her team started Theraplay LA as a pediatric OT practice dedicated to providing intentional and precise levels of care to those in Los Angeles and beyond. Her practice has since expanded to include a Speech Language Pathology and Physical Therapy department and continues to expand. She’s so excited to offer parents the ability to seek out all of the services their child needs in a single clinic.

Doctor Marielly’s constant search for answers led her to an intensive model of service that gets families the results they need in a shorter period of time using this intensive model, what would typically take a child a 12 month period can be achieved in just 3 weeks. This allows families to dig in and do the work, getting fast results so they can move forward and focus on the joy of watching their child learn and grow.

More about Doctor Marielly

Beyond Typical Therapy for Kids

Whether your child is dealing with challenges big or small, we have the training and years of experience to create advanced treatments for them. Doctor Marielly and her team pull from their vast knowledge in:

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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
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Occupational Therapy
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Speech Therapy
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Feeding and Swallowing Therapy
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Nutrition Consulting
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Sleep Coaching
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