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Rise Educational Advocacy

Thrive Through Special Education Support And Advocacy

Rise educational advocacy is a dedicated organization with a profound belief in the transformative power and collaboration with meaningful partnerships. Their mission is clear and practiced daily: to empower individuals to not just succeed but to thrive in the realm of education. 

Meeting Unique Needs

At Rise, they understand that every student has unique needs and strengths. They are committed to providing support and guidance necessary to unlock their full potential. With years of experience and expertise in the field of special education, they have been a beacon for countless individuals and families seeking to navigate the complexity of educational advocacy. 

Collaboration and Empowerment Approach

Rise’s approach is grounded in the principles of collaboration and empowerment. They firmly believe in working together as a team and including students, parents, educators and the wider community. Doing this creates a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone involved can flourish. The team consists of compassionate professionals who are well equipped in best practices and are driven by a deep commitment to the well-being of the students. 

Commitment to Enhancing Education in The Neurodivergent Community

At Rise, their unwavering dedication to enhancing special needs education is at the heart of their mission and everything they do. They firmly believe that every student, regardless of their unique needs and strengths, deserves the opportunity to succeed and thrive within the education system. Their commitment to this principle drives every aspect of their organization and guides a real and positive difference in a child’s educational journey and experience. 

Transforming IEPs and Assessments for Greater Success

What sets Rise apart is their unwavering commitment and dedication to transforming assessments and individualized education programs (IEP’s) into strength-based reports and productive plans that involve the students, families, teachers and the community. This transformative approach ensures that the support provided aligns with the unique needs of each individual, promoting greater success in their educational journey. 

Education Excellence for Special Needs Children

The founder, April, has over 20 years of experience in the special education setting. She has shown an immense amount of wisdom and best practice in the field through the supporting families and children daily. She is here to ensure that every student, regardless of their challenges, receives the highest quality of education. She doesn’t just advocate but aso partners with students, parents and educators to help achieve educational success. 

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