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Finding the right childcare for individual family needs IS possible

Finding a childcare provider that has the right combination of training, skills and flexibility – while still fitting within a family’s dynamic – can often seem impossible. However, many families have discovered that live-in childcare, provided by an Apex Care Professional is exactly what their family needs.

Apex Social understands that every family is unique and care requirements vary from one family to the next. That’s why we offer three categories of childcare: Special Developmental Needs, Early Childhood, and Infant Care.

Black female caregiver making a meal with an 8 year old girl in the kitchen.

Apex Social Live-In Child Care & Cultural Exchange

The live-in child care model allows for optimal flexibility and helps families to focus on reducing stress and creating a home environment that is structured, warm and positive for everyone Apex Social engages with Care Professionals who have a background in early childhood education, occupational, physical or speech therapy, ABA therapy, pediatric nursing, special needs education or another child development field to support interdisciplinary child care in the home environment. 

All of our Care Professionals are seeking full-time, live-in childcare positions with American families where they can become like a family member and share their traditions and culture.

The live-in child care model allows for optimal flexibility and helps families to focus on creating a home environment that is structured, warm and positive for everyone.

Early Childhood
(Ages 2+)

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According to the National Education Organization, “providing a high-quality education for children before they turn five yields significant medium- and long-term benefits.”

Children who participate in early childhood educational programming are:

While the intention of Apex Care Professionals is not to become your child’s full time tutor or teacher, those with an early childhood education background are typically preschool and elementary teachers. These Care Professionals are accustomed to teaching children in a classroom setting. They are trained to provide educational support and activities for children ages 2+, help with homework, provide virtual learning support, and reinforce or establish routines related to study habits or regular chores around the house. This helps ease the transition when parents re-engage after a busy day at the office.

Care Professionals have a wide range of educational tasks they can support, including:

Families with young children are often extremely busy. Having live-in child care can bring balance to the household and alleviate the demands of modern parenting. Care Professionals who care for children aged two and older can help with a wide range of practical tasks, including:
A Nanny Holding a Giggling Infant

Infant Care

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion that may also cause some parents to experience stress. Some families with new babies appreciate having live-in Care Professionals who are confident and capable of caring for babies. The Infant Care program offered by Apex Social Group helps unite families with childcare professionals who have experience caring for newborns. Many of our Care Professionals have degrees in Pediatric Nursing or Early Childhood Development. This specialized care offers an extra set of skilled, professional hands that can benefit parents of infants, parents with multiples, and parents with an infant and older children.

Our professional infant care candidates have experience with many types of infant care, including:

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