An Innovative Approach to Optimizing ABA Service Utilization

Apex Care Professionals are not your typical caregivers – they are dedicated individuals who have chosen career paths in the fields of health, therapy, and education and have a unique ability to take guidance provided by therapists and seamlessly integrate it into the child’s care routine.

Collaborating with families employing an Apex Live-in Care Professional brings numerous advantages that may increase the stability of utilization of ABA service providers and have an overall higher impact on client satisfaction of clinical treatment. Here’s how: 

    1.  Consistent Therapy Sessions: By having an Apex Live-in Care Professional in the home, therapy sessions are more likely to be consistent. This regularity can reduce missed appointments and last-minute cancellations, which can disrupt service providers’ scheduling, staffing, clinical qualityes and overall profitability.

    2. Improved Data Collection: Apex Care Professionals can observe the client in their natural environment, which might give more accurate and meaningful data collection for ABA skill acquisition programs and behavior reduction interventions. Accurate and precise data can improve clinical outcomes and demonstrate the data-driven decision making for programs and effectiveness of ABA overall, enhancing client satisfaction, superior clinical outcomes, and retention.

    3. Increased Caregiver Involvement:

      The unique model of live-in child care offered by Apex Social offers more opportunities for the caregiver to be involved in therapy. This can improve the generalization of skills acquisition programs and behavior intervention programs in home, school and community environments carryover of skills and behaviors, which can make therapy more effective. Greater effectiveness can result in more positive outcomes for client progression and all care providers for the client), increasing client satisfaction and stability of service use.

    4. Flexibility and Personalization: Apex Live-in Care Professionals can enable a higher rate of sessions per client because they offer a wide range of scheduling flexibility outside the parents busy schedule. This allows for greater potential for the client to utilize all clinically recommended service hours with minimal disruption. They are also able to provide transportation and supervision of the pediatric client when the parent is unavailable due to work, appointments for other siblings, or other obligations. This flexibility can improve the effectiveness and utilization of the services, promoting more stable utilization and ultimately improves outcomes.

    5. Consistency in Care: Their Professionals are committing to a one year assignment to serve one family for up to 45 hours per week. This leads to reduced stress on hiring and retaining ever changing support staff for the parents. Apex Care Professionals not only aid new ABA staff when placed with the client to ensure a smooth service transition, but they also extend their support to the entire family by looking after both the child with special needs and their siblings. This holistic approach enables the entire family to operate at an elevated capacity.

    6. Time Regained for Parents: Many parents have shared with us that they finally have the time to better learn and understand what is needed for their children, time to meet with healthcare professionals and find the resources they need to support not just their child with special needs, but their whole family. This leads to better collaboration between ABA Clinic staff, reduces stress on all parties and increases outcomes for all involved. This allows for the ABA Clinical Staff to also have time to utilize parent training hours which are usually a challenge due to oversight of the client during that time.

    7. Volunteering & Cultural Exchange in ABA Clinics: Apex Care Professionals usually look for regular volunteer opportunities where they can gain professional insights in the clinical aspect of ABA operations. This would allow an ABA clinic to benefit from a consistent additional educated person engaging with their local clinic and sharing experience from their home country with the ABA Clinic’s staff, resulting in increased job joy for your core staff and expanding your reach for recruiting new staff members, as many of our candidates will continue their higher education in their field. Disclosure: Apex Care Professionals provide in-home child care and cultural exchange to the families. They cannot replace needed therapy or education provided by US licensed therapists and educators.

These outcomes directly support key operational metrics for ABA Clinics such as client retention rates, number of sessions per client, cancellation/no-show rate, client outcome measures, and client satisfaction scores. When families have the consistent support of a full-time, in-home Apex Care Professional, ABA providers will see positive improvements in these key areas in addition to increasing the functionality of the whole family.

Apex Care Professionals are young professionals who have degrees and backgrounds in fields such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, SLP, Pediatric Nursing, Special Education, early childhood education from Europe and the United States and join Apex to gain personal & professional experience in a new home away from home. They have experience working with many diagnoses including autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorders and many more. Here from some of their families here.

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