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California Funding for Families with Special Needs

When it comes to caring, planning, or advocating for your child or another person with special needs, the road you travel will be immeasurably smoother if you have the right resources. The goal of planning should be to reach beyond your child’s baseline needs and provide them with an opportunity to have an enriched and meaningful life. This goal requires a great deal of time and garnering of resources. 
If you are looking for financial resources to cover the costs of live-in development child care, there are two programs occurring simultaneously that families can draw from – The Self Determination Program (SDP) and In-Home Support Services (IHSS).

The “Self-Determination Program” can be of immeasurable benefit to people with special needs. As a voluntary alternative to traditional services, the Self-Determination program is a new program available through California Regional Centers that allow individuals to take control of their own future. There are many families involved in Regional Centers all around California who have not had their needs met with the services available to their children. Now, under the Self-Determination Program, individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, intellectual disabilities, and other developmental disabilities and their families are given a budget they can use to purchase what they believe will be most beneficial and with more control over the services and support they need. 

The IHSS program allows families to designate care providers who will take care of their children. The program pays a monthly amount to caregivers of children with special needs, which includes their parents. 

Apex Social and The Rad Lab have partnered to help California families, Demystify the Self-Determination Program (SDP) with an upcoming live webinar on Friday, October 28th @11am PDT 


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